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Speechyard – Practise with real English from movies and books!

Speechyard  can help you a lot if you like to watch TV series with English subtitles. When you come across an unknown vocabulary, you can simply click on that word and learn the meaning of it. There are a lof categories, so you can find not only TV series, also short films, documentaries, and commercials. Read more about Speechyard – Practise with real English from movies and books![…]

Free Stories To Improve Your English!

Who doesn’t like listening to a good story? What about reading a good one? I see that reading in English is not as popular as watching and listening. Actually, some of my students give more importance to grammar. As a result, most of them are really successful on grammar exercises. But when it comes to Read more about Free Stories To Improve Your English![…]

What do you WONDER?

This is a beautiful quote of Socrates, isn’t it? It is said that people wonder more at their younger ages, then something happens and we stop wondering and asking questions. Do you ever ask these questions;  Why do zebras have stripes? , Why do people walk in their sleep?, Why are there so many languages?, Why Are There Read more about What do you WONDER?[…]

Free Taboo Game Cards for A1&A2 Levels

         Sometimes, learning English can be challenging and  frustrating.  You can see the process as an obligation which you have  to go on for your targets. Then, we (teachers) start to  see bored faces in our classes.          As a teacher, I have experienced it so many times that Read more about Free Taboo Game Cards for A1&A2 Levels[…]

Pyramid Games

Here are the new games to practice vocabulary. While preparing these games, I used a template created by elearningbrothers. There are just six games for now, new games will be added soon. Daily Actions 1 Daily Actions 2 Free Time Activities Items in the House Health Problems Places in the City  

A different way to improve your English : Poetry Apps

Poetry is not a common way to teach and learn English in our country (Turkey). I try to use different kind of poetry activities with my students. When it is presented in an attractive way, I think everybody enjoys a good piece of  artwork and tries to write his or her own poem. After those Read more about A different way to improve your English : Poetry Apps[…]

New games by Englishinlife

There are some new vocabulary games for A1 level students. Generally I create my own templates for these games and quizzes by using Articulate Storyline.  But this time, I used a template created by Tim Slade. He is an eLearning Designer and shared this template with Articulate Community. I changed some actions and colors and prepared Read more about New games by Englishinlife[…]

Newsmart, a new web application for Business English

Newsmart is a free web application that lets you read the Wall Street Journal and learn Business English at the same time! First you become a member, you can reach news stories offered. Most learners use news stories to improve their vocabularies and have an opportunities to use English. However, it can be a problem Read more about Newsmart, a new web application for Business English[…]

Breaking News Project

Sean Banville! Have you ever heard this name? No! You should. I think he is one of the heroes who make learning and teaching English easier, more interesting, and fun. He runs a website called Breaking News English. You can read interesting news from all around the world, you can do vocabulary, reading, writing exercises. Read more about Breaking News Project[…]