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Four Cool News Websites For Learners

 I watch TV series in English and I read the news in English. These are the most common answers that I hear when I ask my students what they do to better their English. It is a good thing that they get familiar with the real language. However, both ways are not as helpful as they Read more about Four Cool News Websites For Learners[…]

Serious stories for serious learners

As a bookworm, I can’t resist the temptation of a good story. Since my childhood, reading has been one my favorite activities. When I realized that knowing English gives you a big opportunity to reach more stories, I became more interested in learning it. In my teaching, as well as in my life, I give Read more about Serious stories for serious learners[…]

Free Stories To Improve Your English!

Who doesn’t like listening to a good story? What about reading a good one? I see that reading in English is not as popular as watching and listening. Actually, some of my students give more importance to grammar. As a result, most of them are really successful on grammar exercises. But when it comes to Read more about Free Stories To Improve Your English![…]

What do you WONDER?

This is a beautiful quote of Socrates, isn’t it? It is said that people wonder more at their younger ages, then something happens and we stop wondering and asking questions. Do you ever ask these questions;  Why do zebras have stripes? , Why do people walk in their sleep?, Why are there so many languages?, Why Are There Read more about What do you WONDER?[…]

Rewordify; Great tool to improve your reading skills

Most of my students really like reading news to improve their English while checking the latest events in the world. Reading news and different kind of posts on the internet can be really helpful to improve yourself if you follow a systematic way. It is important to find unknown vocabularies, learn their synonyms and write them down Read more about Rewordify; Great tool to improve your reading skills[…]

Get better with these free short stories

To learn a new language, listening, speaking and writing are important, but reading is also very helpful in many ways. Sometimes most learners underestimate its importance, there are many advantages of reading, though. You can learn new vocabularies in context. Reading materials can be a model for writing. You can see “correct” English with a proper grammatical Read more about Get better with these free short stories[…]

Newsmart, a new web application for Business English

Newsmart is a free web application that lets you read the Wall Street Journal and learn Business English at the same time! First you become a member, you can reach news stories offered. Most learners use news stories to improve their vocabularies and have an opportunities to use English. However, it can be a problem Read more about Newsmart, a new web application for Business English[…]

Zen Pencils

 When I was a student, graded readers didn’t use to satisfy me. I always wanted to read something original. Then I became a teacher and I saw that some of my students have the same feeling. Then I decided to present them authentic materials which can be understood with a little help of dictionaries or Read more about Zen Pencils[…]