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Four Cool News Websites For Learners

 I watch TV series in English and I read the news in English. These are the most common answers that I hear when I ask my students what they do to better their English. It is a good thing that they get familiar with the real language. However, both ways are not as helpful as they Read more about Four Cool News Websites For Learners[…]

Newsmart, a new web application for Business English

Newsmart is a free web application that lets you read the Wall Street Journal and learn Business English at the same time! First you become a member, you can reach news stories offered. Most learners use news stories to improve their vocabularies and have an opportunities to use English. However, it can be a problem Read more about Newsmart, a new web application for Business English[…]

Breaking News Project

Sean Banville! Have you ever heard this name? No! You should. I think he is one of the heroes who make learning and teaching English easier, more interesting, and fun. He runs a website called Breaking News English. You can read interesting news from all around the world, you can do vocabulary, reading, writing exercises. Read more about Breaking News Project[…]