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Speechyard – Practise with real English from movies and books!

Speechyard  can help you a lot if you like to watch TV series with English subtitles. When you come across an unknown vocabulary, you can simply click on that word and learn the meaning of it. There are a lof categories, so you can find not only TV series, also short films, documentaries, and commercials. Read more about Speechyard – Practise with real English from movies and books![…]

Australia Plus

Australia Plus – Authentic Materials For Language Learners

 While studying a new language, using, authentic materials have an enormous impact on learning. But, what is Authentic Material? Authentic Materials are language materials that were originally intended for native speakers, not second-language learners. In other words, movies, TV series, newspapers, and magazines, etc. So, most of us watch TV series, and some of us Read more about Australia Plus – Authentic Materials For Language Learners[…]

Four Cool News Websites For Learners

 I watch TV series in English and I read the news in English. These are the most common answers that I hear when I ask my students what they do to better their English. It is a good thing that they get familiar with the real language. However, both ways are not as helpful as they Read more about Four Cool News Websites For Learners[…]

Short films worth watching

Most of us watch TV series and films to improve our English.  Since they are too long, it is not easy to watch them again and again. However, we should do as it is one of the things which can make us better at language learning. So, you don’t have time and energy to watch Read more about Short films worth watching[…]

Short films for ESL

More short films with English Subtitles

Why are you learning English? To get a better job? To get promoted? Because everybody says it is important to do? Probably, your answer is among these. Most people learn English because of the career-related reasons which make the learning process stressful and humdrum. Most of the time, we miss the fun and exciting part Read more about More short films with English Subtitles[…]

5 REASONS to READ these awesome FREE COMICS

Most people think that comic books are just for kids, not for adults. Although graphic novels, comic books and manga are really popular in Japan and the USA, they don’t get the credits they deserve in our country (Turkey). So, if people don’t prefer reading comics much, why am I trying to introduce you these Read more about 5 REASONS to READ these awesome FREE COMICS[…]

Vocabulary Games For A1&A2 Levels

After a long break, I am happy to share my new games with you. There are seven vocabulary quizzes for elementary and pre-intermediate levels. I usually chose the topics for the games according to the levels I worked with. Lately, I have had a lot of A1 and A2 levels. It gave me the chance Read more about Vocabulary Games For A1&A2 Levels[…]

Serious stories for serious learners

As a bookworm, I can’t resist the temptation of a good story. Since my childhood, reading has been one my favorite activities. When I realized that knowing English gives you a big opportunity to reach more stories, I became more interested in learning it. In my teaching, as well as in my life, I give Read more about Serious stories for serious learners[…]

Free Stories To Improve Your English!

Who doesn’t like listening to a good story? What about reading a good one? I see that reading in English is not as popular as watching and listening. Actually, some of my students give more importance to grammar. As a result, most of them are really successful on grammar exercises. But when it comes to Read more about Free Stories To Improve Your English![…]

What do you WONDER?

This is a beautiful quote of Socrates, isn’t it? It is said that people wonder more at their younger ages, then something happens and we stop wondering and asking questions. Do you ever ask these questions;  Why do zebras have stripes? , Why do people walk in their sleep?, Why are there so many languages?, Why Are There Read more about What do you WONDER?[…]