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Free Stories To Improve Your English!

07084#p151Who doesn’t like listening to a good story? What about reading a good one?

I see that reading in English is not as popular as watching and listening. Actually, some of my students give more importance to grammar. As a result, most of them are really successful on grammar exercises. But when it comes to writing, they do the same kind of mistakes over and over. They express their ideas with limited words. I do believe that reading can be a really helpful way to get over it.

As long as you read,

  • it will enhance your vocabulary knowledge by seeing their different usages in context,
  • you usually learn grammatical English naturally,
  • you can read as fast or as slowly as you like,
  • it will give you a chance to know useful and interesting information about the world you live in.

What should we read?

It is totally up to you, but children stories can be a nice start as they have fewer advanced words and grammatical structures. Also, it is highly probable that you have heard or read them in your own language. As you don’t have to check unknown words all the time, you can enjoy reading itself.

But if you like to read on your computer or mobile devices, here is a short list for you;

storynoryA large collection of free audio stories for kids. Listen to fairy tales, myths and legends, classics and original stories.  It is possible to read and also download audio files of the stories.If you want, you can listen to the stories on your mobile devices. (iOS only) 




You can listen and watch professional actors reading notable children’s books and get the extending supplemental activities for each book co-developed by an early literacy specialist. Content is available online 24/7 free of charge. Don’t you want to listen to a story read by Betty White?




There are hundreds of moral stories. They are short and easy to read. They are for children but don’t assume that they are very easy to read. I’m sure you will check some words and phrases time to time.

If you think that these stories are not your cup of tea, and very easy for you, here is a second list for more serious readers.



Don’t you want to know something more about the USA? Folk tales and urban legends can tell you a lot about it. There are some funny, scary and interesting stories which were not simplified for learners. Open your dictionaries and ready to learn them.



If you are fond of literacy, there are three short stories in British English includes vocabulary help, vocabulary quiz, comprehension quiz.

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  • The problem alway is the pronunciation, already that no there is an alone format,and is very ambiguos your phonetic.thanks. from Venezuela

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