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Short Films with English Subtitles

I love watching short films. Their stories are usually short, sweet and straight to the point. I also use them in my lessons very often because it is fun to talk about the story, message of the film and try to guess what happens next. Here are some new films with English subtitles.

.:Kismet Diner:.

Synopsis: Sometimes you have to listen with your heart… One Saturday night, midway through an impromptu concert, Laura notices a customer she hasn’t seen before with a look of complete disinterest on his face. Laura wouldn’t usually mind, but with this guy, it’s as though she wasn’t even there. Who is he? And why can’t Laura stop looking at him?

.:Three-Legged Horses:.

Synopsis: Based on a true story, an Edinburgh rickshaw driver decided to make enough money before hisknees are permanently damaged, takes on one last very difficult job a trip to the highest pointin town, the Edinburgh Castle.

.:The Bookmobile:.

Synopsis: At eight years old, Storm Reyes was already working full time with other migrant farm workers in the fields outside Tacoma, Washington. One day, a bookmobile arrived and brought her new worlds—and hope.

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