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Serious stories for serious learners

43349As a bookworm, I can’t resist the temptation of a good story. Since my childhood, reading has been one my favorite activities. When I realized that knowing English gives you a big opportunity to reach more stories, I became more interested in learning it.

In my teaching, as well as in my life, I give a big importance to  literature. It wouldn’t be real if I said most of my students shared the same interest with me. However, I do believe that there are learners who want more than coursebook texts and level storybooks offer, who would like to read real literature works.

So, why use these original stories to improve our English?

Literary texts are authentic materials which encourage interaction and expand language awareness.

Literature educates the whole person. By examining values in literary texts, learners can develop attitudes towards them. These values and attitudes relate to the world outside the classroom.

Literature is motivating. Learners can feel a real sense of achievement at understanding a piece of highly respected literature. (Lindsay Clandfield –


Reading makes you more beautiful! Doesn’t Marilyn seem more beautiful while reading?

With this post, I would like to suggest four classical books which are among my favorites. You can read them online or print for educational use. Before reading, it is possible to watch the animated summary videos to have a detailed idea about them.  I have to warn there are a lot of spoilers in the videos.

Read  1984 online (free)

Read A Tale of Two Cities online (free)

Read Brave New World online (free)

Read Of Mice and Men online (free)

For Teachers

Teaching materials: using literature in the EFL/ ESL classroom

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One thought on “Serious stories for serious learners

  • Yeah i can’t agree more, reading help my language improve drastically. I do love to learn daily language from interacting with people but reading is something else. First I started as a very slow reader, reading with a dictionary near by. I remember that one page took me an hour to read while now it hardly takes some minutes. Thought this method the language gets written in our brain like carved in stone.

    I enjoy adding each book i want to read or already read to the website Goodreads, it’s a great website that allows you also to connect with friends and see what they read. it’s really worth checking, here you go:

    Wish you a good read 😉

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