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September 9, 2016

Articulate ELH Challenges


When I started to create my own materials like quizzes, presentations and videos, I tried to use different authoring tools. Then I discovered Articulate Storyline and said ‘Eureka!’ I’m still using some other programs and tools, but Storyline is my favorite one because of many reasons.

‘E-Learning Heroes Challenge’ is one of them. Challenges take place every week. They are open to everyone. Our Superhero David Anderson   decides a theme and then you share your work, ideas, and feedback with other community members. This is a great way to sharpen your design skills, push your boundaries and differentiate your style as an instructional designer.

Here you can see my entries;

Articulate Personal Challenge

Who wants to be millionaire

                 Click to play the game


Sometimes, I choose a personal challenge to create better and more complex interactions with Storyline. This very new Millionaire game is one of them. To create same game mechanics and add something new to the game were my challenges in this project. The outcome satisfied me, click on the picture to see it in action.





ELH Challenge 149

ELH challenge 149

                    Click to see it.


Notecard interactions are a simple click-and-reveal activity that lets learners explore virtually any type of content in a freeform way by clicking notes on the slide.

I created an interaction to teach some common Turkish daily phrases.

In this challenge, I tried to apply the mechanics which Brainscape uses.

ELH Challenge 148

                            Let’s see it.


Checklist interactions are a great solution when you need to list materials, products, ingredients, action items, and more. Here is my example showing 8 steps you need to follow before building your mobile app.

ELH Challenge 145

       Click image to start the course.


Would you like to learn how to protect your home better? You can learn by the help of this e-learning course which I created for the challenge 145.




ELH Challenge 144

      Click to meet Richard Brautigan


The target of the challenge 144 is engaging our learners by designing interactions that move beyond the boring “Next” button and motivate learners to touch the screen!

I prepared a short course about Richard Brautigan, my favorite American poet. There are a short bio and three poems of him. Learners use the slider to learn about him and click on icons to read the poems.


ELH Challenge 139


          Click image to see it in action


This challenge is to redesign one (or more) of Storyline’s original slide interactions. I chose Sticky Notes Interaction.

By using sticky notes, I tried to introduce Articulate Storyline briefly.

You can download this template here.



ELH Challenge 134

         Click image to play the game.

This challenge is to share an example that demonstrates one or more ways to personalize an e-learning course using gamification techniques.

I created a game by using one of my old templates. Players can choose their own avatars and decide to skip instructions. They can also restart whenever they want.

To gamify this e-learning quiz, I added countdown, lives and a scoreboard. Click on the picture to see how it was used for Ukla Academy Language School.


ELH Challenge 121

              Click to see it in action

To improve your instructional design skills, you need to practice different skills. There are lots of ways you can practice. One way to practice is to develop a strong understanding of the basics. Another way is to deconstruct advanced projects built by other users. And that’s what this week’s memory makeover challenge is all about!

I chose a template created by Richard Hill, and changed the design a little, also added my personal touch. I’m really happy with the result.


ELH Challenge 107

        Click image to launch the game


This challenge is to give your courses an app-like feel using mobile-inspired menus and navigation.

I created a quiz game template which has a clean and consistent design. I tried to make it more user-friendly by adding a menu to the bottom of the page. Users can go home page, see their progress, learn more about the game and exit.  Click on the picture to see how it was used for Ukla Academy Language School.



ELH Challenge 98

                         Click to play


I love playing games and also creating them. However, Bingo has never been one of my favorites. Probably I skipped the  Bingo challenge because of this until we played a bingo game in a company meeting. It gave me an idea to create a Bingo interaction which could be used in our lessons with children to practice vocabulary. I hope adults enjoy it too.

P.S. Special thanks to @ for the inspiration.

ELH Challenge 75


       Click image to launch the game.


This challenge was a bit difficult for me. As an English teacher, I have created dozens of interactions for my students and this challenge asks me to create a grammar or punctuation game. So, it was too difficult to choose one of them.

I decided to share the flattest one whose interface was created by our graphic designer.



ELH Challenge 18

                Click here to see it.


For this challenge, we were supposed to show how we use characters in e-learning.

I shared one of my grammar lesson presentation to show how I use them.Here is a friendly character (who looks like me a little). He is the presenter of the course. I used him for the quiz too. He shows his reactions with different facial expressions. By the help of him, I tried to make a difficult grammar topic easier to understand.



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