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Rewordify; Great tool to improve your reading skills

Most of my students really like reading news to improve their English while checking the latest events in the world.

Reading news and different kind of posts on the internet can be really helpful to improve yourself if you follow a systematic way.

It is important to find unknown vocabularieslearn their synonyms and write them down to remember and check again.woman reading

It sounds a bit long and tiring, right? When you start to check all these vocabularies and also write them down, it kills your motivation (unfortunately !)

This is a so well-known fact that many developers have been working on different projects to make reading easier, faster and more fun. Here is one of these projects;

rewordify is  a free online software  that you can use to read difficult passages. Rewordify simplifies complex passages and makes them reader-friendly. You can paste in difficult sentences, paragraphs, or whole chapters and then click on “Rewordify text”. They will then get a paraphrased version of their text with a simpler and easier vocabulary.The reworded words are highlighted which means that you can click on them to hear and learn the origin harder words. helps with reading comprehension and vocabulary development by simplifying English to a lower reading level. It’s a dictionary alternative that will improve comprehension and teach vocabulary. It’s an important part of reading instruction and vocabulary instruction for ESL students, people with reading disabilities, people with a learning disability, or anyone who wants to improve reading skill.


Also, there are a lot of reading materials which were rewordified  with extra comprehension materials. I’m sure it will be one of your favorite sites.

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