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Free PODCASTS to improve your English

Smartphones? They are great! Tablets? They are great, too! But, for what?

It is said that we can reach information with these tools faster. But, which information?
Do you just use them to find out the name of the film or the song which you can’t recall? Or to learn what your friends have eaten for dinner? Or to improve yourself in different areas?

Don’t worry, I am not going to grumble about how technology changed our communication or how asocial we are now. These are not the issues of this post. On the contrary, I’m going to point a way for learners, a simple way to improve their English with a simple tool: Podcasts!

There are  1.08 Billion mobile phone users in the world, and in Turkey, the country where I live and teach English, 12.4 million people use smartphones.
However, when I suggest my students use podcasts to improve their listening and vocabulary skills, they give me a look as if I was talking about NASA’s  new project on Mars.
Those tools which make you faster in communication can also make you better in communication in English. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know that our wonderful tools have a feature like that.

I have shared a post in which I suggested some podcasts, and there are some new podcasts for English Language Learners.

Let’s stop using Whatsapp and Instagram for a while and listen to some podcasts.

better-at-english-300pxThis site is devoted to helping non-native speakers improve their English, one step at a time. In addition to Real English Conversations podcast, you’ll find short lessons, listening activities, language learning tips, and other info that can help make learning English an enjoyable part of your day. (by Lori Linstruth – Founder of Better at English and your host in the podcasts.)


Make the English you speak sound more natural with The English We Speak from Every week, they look at a different everyday English phrase or piece of slang in this fun three-minute program.


cover170x170Dramas for English is a great podcast for language learners. Every Friday you can improve your English by listening to a drama specially created for English language learners. Listen to retellings of classic stories and adapted dramas on specific topics. Each episode will be between six and 10 minutes long. Most dramas will be told over a several episodes.

site-logo4They will help you in English conversations, professional interviews, meetings and presentations. Discover how to work or study with Americans and how to feel accepted in American society.
All Ears English is a fun, friendly way to improve your English and your life!

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