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10 Common Phrasal Verbs Cards


Do you find it difficult to learn phrasal verbs?

If your answer is ‘yes,’ it means that you are an entirely normal learner. It needs a long time and practice to start to use phrasal verbs. When you don’t have a chance to use what you have learned, it’s almost impossible to keep it in your mind.

Phrasal verbs are mostly used in everyday conversation. Unfortunately, most of us don’t speak this language in our daily lives, just read or listen something in English. Naturally, we have some difficulties to learn or master idioms and phrasal verbs.

However, it’s not impossible to learn and begin to use them. After a lot of reading and research, I came up with a list of suggestions.

There are five important things which you have to do to learn phrasal verbs.

  1. Don’t try to learn all phrasal verbs, try to learn most common ones.
  2. Try to catch them while watching TV series (with English subtitles), listening to music (with lyrics), reading news or stories.
  3. Learn them one at a time; when you read or hear a phrasal verb, note it down and check its meaning in a good dictionary.
  4. Use some mobile apps which can teach you common phrasal verbs with interesting stories and amusing illustrations.
  5. Create your phrasal verb cards via some mobile and web applications.

Here are ten cards which I prepared for Ukla Language Academy. I will keep going on designing more cards for common phrasal verbs, for now, enjoy these;
stay up
slow down
Count on
run out of
figure out
put off
cut down
settle down
watch out
blow up


Here are two phrasal verbs games. Have fun!

 Basic Phrasal Verbs 1

Basic Phrasal Verbs 2



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