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Newsmart, a new web application for Business English

Newsmart is a free web application that lets you read the Wall Street Journal and learn Business English at the same time!

First you become a member, you can reach news stories offered. Most learners use news stories to improve their vocabularies and have an opportunities to use English. However, it can be a problem if there are too many unknown vocabularies. With this application, it gets easier as you can see the meaning of the unknown words when you double click on them.

Also, there are some vocabulary,grammar and comprehension quizzes while reading an article. So, it helps you to understand the main idea of the story. As long as you give the correct answers, you gain points and some badges. This makes reading more exciting and enjoyable.

This application can be really helpful for higher level students and learners, especially for business levels and someone who is getting ready for the exams like TOEFL, IELTS or YDS.

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