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My top 5 stories @zenpencils


Zen Pencils, a cartoon blog adapting inspirational quotes into comic stories, has been one of my favorite websites since I discovered it. I can count lots of reasons to follow this blog and its talented artist, Gavin Aung Than. But I just want to tell you how it can help an English Language Learner to improve his/her language skills.

Firstly, reading a comic is an easy way to learn new words and understand the story by looking at the pictures.

Secondly, reading comic can help you better understand narrative concepts, story structure, and character development.

Lastly, Zen Pencils is a new comic form that takes inspirational and famous quotations and adapts them into graphic stories. It means you can read some famous quotes of Rumi, Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling, Robin Williams, John Lennon etc. So, these stories are the perfect combination of strong words and beautiful illustrations which can help you to remember new words and structures easily.

Here you can read and watch some of my favorite Zen Pencils comics.

Visit zenpencils to discover more stories!

1 What Teachers Make by Taylor Mali

2 Roll the Dice by Charles Bukowski
Roll the Dice

3 What If Money Was No Object by Alan Watts

Alan Watts

4 Eleven Ways to be Average by Chris Guillebeau

11 ways to be average

5 The Social Media Generation by Marc Maron


For teachers;

You can find Classroom Activities and Discussion Guide for Zenpencils comics prepared by Andrew McMeel Publishing.

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