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Game Cards Vol. 1

game cardsDo you like playing games while learning English? Of course, you do! What about playing Taboo? Great!

I created these game cards to use in my lessons, then most of my students asked me if I could share these with them.

I decided to share them with anyone who learns and teaches English,and of course who loves playing games.

I call them ‘Game Cards’ as they can be used for different games, too.You will find my suggestions (especially to teachers) ¬†with these 54 high quality cards.

Download and Start to Play!download pdf

This is the first part, you will have the others soon.

Have fun.


2 thoughts on “Game Cards Vol. 1

  • Thank’s so much for sharing the cards, they’re awesome! I played the game with my pupils (3rd year of English) after writing a test and they loved it!

    • Hi Vega_c,
      That’s very kind of you to write this comment. I am glad to read that my cards are used and help people to learn something or have fun.

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