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Free Taboo Game Cards for A1&A2 Levels


         Sometimes, learning English can be challenging and  frustrating.  You can see the process as an obligation which you have  to go on for your targets. Then, we (teachers) start to  see bored faces in our classes.

         As a teacher, I have experienced it so many times that I always try hard to make learning more enjoyable and more  interesting. Hence, I started to create my own materials, according to the needs and interests of my students.

         These new Taboo Game Cards are the last materials I have  designed. I just love them as it is possible to play different games with them.  They are not only taboo game cards, also you can use them as flashcards while teaching and learning vocabulary,  or as storytelling cards, charades cards or it can be simply said that the only limit is your imagination.

Three months ago, I shared some other game cards which most of my lower level students have found really difficult to tell. So, I decided to prepare high-quality colorful cards for each level.

See sample cards here.

        Here is the first part, totally 172 cards, free Taboo Game Cards for A1 & A2 levels.


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2 thoughts on “Free Taboo Game Cards for A1&A2 Levels

  • Hello,

    I am currently an English teacher in Japan. I had previously been printing taboo cards from I was looking for something new and came across your website. I just want to say thank you for putting these together and making this an available free resource for other teachers. I really appreciate this!! Your design work is also great. Thank you again for your hard work.


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