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Fleex – A Revolution

‘I watch TV series with English subtitles.’

This is the answer of many learners when they are asked what they do to improve their language skills. For many years, I have been trying to tell my students watching TV series is not enough, they need to follow a systematic way like writing unknown words down, watching them again after they find the meaning of the unknown words, repeat long and complicated sentences etc. However, my students don’t find these very practical.

When I came across FLEEX, only one word came into my mind; Revolution which can solve the problem.fleex logo

With this web page, you can watch some different TV series, TED talks, short films, web series, and animated films with English subtitles.  Here comes a wonderful thing about it, you can click on subtitles when you want to learn the meaning of a word. Then a dictionary appears and gives you the meaning in English and in your native language. You can learn it immediately and also you can save it to your word list by clicking on the star icon next to it.

What do you think? Isn’t it a revolution?


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