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ESL Taboo- Free App for English Language Learners

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Playing Taboo game is a great tool to improve English speaking and thinking skills. I have always enjoyed seeing my students have fun and find creative ways to tell the taboo words.
A few years ago, I created my first Taboo game cards. I have been using them for many different activities in my lessons. When I shared them here for the first time, I got thrilled when lots of people liked them and used them with their students and friends to have fun while learning English.
 Almost one year ago, I started to work on a mobile application with one of my friends; Gökhan Cansu who is a Software Developer. We wanted to create a taboo game app for ESL since it helps to improve your speaking skills, vocabulary knowledge, and quick thinking. Different from other taboo apps on the market, we used pictures on the cards that help you to find more different ways to describe taboo words since a ‘’Picture is worth a thousand words’’.

It took longer than we thought to share this mobile app with you since we could work on it when we had an extra time. Finally, we are very pleased to share this free app with all English language learners and teachers.

Here you can see screenshots of it;
ESL Taboo app


Download our free ESL Taboo app for iOS. 

download ESL Taboo


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