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Get better with these free short stories

To learn a new language, listening, speaking and writing are important, but reading is also very helpful in many ways. Sometimes most learners underestimate its importance, there are many advantages of reading, though.

  • You can learn new vocabularies in context.
  • Reading materials can be a model for writing.
  • You can see “correct” English with a proper grammatical structure. While reading, it is possible to learn grammatical English naturally.

Short stories can be a good choice for reading because … they are short.


Click to read some stories.

EFL Shorts is a web page where you can read free short stories with audio files. There are also activities related with the stories that teachers can easily use with their students.

When you make a search in Google, you can find a lot of stories to read but it is not easy to find well-written ones with audio and activities. I’m giving  EFL shorts the thumbs up for their creativity and sharing their nice stories with learners and teachers.

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