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Speechyard – Practise with real English from movies and books!

Speechyard  can help you a lot if you like to watch TV series with English subtitles. When you come across an unknown vocabulary, you can simply click on that word and learn the meaning of it. There are a lof categories, so you can find not only TV series, also short films, documentaries, and commercials. Read more about Speechyard – Practise with real English from movies and books![…]

short films for efl

Short Films with English Subtitles

I love watching short films. Their stories are usually short, sweet and straight to the point. I also use them in my lessons very often because it is fun to talk about the story, message of the film and try to guess what happens next. Here are some new films with English subtitles. .:Kismet Diner:. Synopsis: Read more about Short Films with English Subtitles[…]

Short films worth watching

Most of us watch TV series and films to improve our English.  Since they are too long, it is not easy to watch them again and again. However, we should do as it is one of the things which can make us better at language learning. So, you don’t have time and energy to watch Read more about Short films worth watching[…]

Short films for ESL

More short films with English Subtitles

Why are you learning English? To get a better job? To get promoted? Because everybody says it is important to do? Probably, your answer is among these. Most people learn English because of the career-related reasons which make the learning process stressful and humdrum. Most of the time, we miss the fun and exciting part Read more about More short films with English Subtitles[…]

Useful youtube videos to get better @ English

Youtube; we visit it many times during the day to listen to the music, watch short films, documentaries, news etc. You can also learn how to cook, how to paint, how to play an instrument. How about learning English? I’m sure you’ve already tried it. There are thousands of videos and channels to improve your Read more about Useful youtube videos to get better @ English[…]

Serious stories for serious learners

As a bookworm, I can’t resist the temptation of a good story. Since my childhood, reading has been one my favorite activities. When I realized that knowing English gives you a big opportunity to reach more stories, I became more interested in learning it. In my teaching, as well as in my life, I give Read more about Serious stories for serious learners[…]

FluentU! A new platform to improve your English by watching videos

FluentU is another platform to improve your English by watching online videos. It is similar to Speechyard. You can watch videos with English subtitles also learn unknown vocabularies while watching them. When you click on any word you don’t know, it gives you an in-context definition, along with example sentence. Also, you can keep these words in Read more about FluentU! A new platform to improve your English by watching videos[…]


If you are not at higher levels, watching movies or TV series can’t help you as much as you think.  You need to use any learning materials again and again to be better, but it is really difficult to watch and understand a full movie or an episode of your favorite TV shows. So, I Read more about THREE INTERESTING SHORT FILMS WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES[…]

Adobe Voice Projects

There are a lot of apps and programs to tell your stories, but Adobe Voice  is my favorite.  I have been using it for a couple of months and created a lot of videos with my students and friends. It’s really easy and fun to create something with it. To use this app, you just Read more about Adobe Voice Projects[…]