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youtube channels for ESL

Cool Youtube channels to improve your English

What can you do to improve your language level and keep it alive after you finish all the levels in a language school?  I have some hardworking and motivated students who are about to complete the last level in our language school, and they are very scared that they will forget what they have learned Read more about Cool Youtube channels to improve your English[…]

Useful youtube videos to get better @ English

Youtube; we visit it many times during the day to listen to the music, watch short films, documentaries, news etc. You can also learn how to cook, how to paint, how to play an instrument. How about learning English? I’m sure you’ve already tried it. There are thousands of videos and channels to improve your Read more about Useful youtube videos to get better @ English[…]

StoryCorps; listen to the real stories of real people

Stories are everywhere – in the street, in newspapers, on TV. Every day you tell a lot of anecdotes and real life stories. Telling a story is one of the easiest way to teach and learn something as it helps us understand our world and personal experience better. I would like to introduce a great Read more about StoryCorps; listen to the real stories of real people[…]

Free PODCASTS to improve your English

Smartphones? They are great! Tablets? They are great, too! But, for what? It is said that we can reach information with these tools faster. But, which information? Do you just use them to find out the name of the film or the song which you can’t recall? Or to learn what your friends have eaten Read more about Free PODCASTS to improve your English[…]

Podcasts for learners

Podcasts are digital media files ( audio or video). They are produced in series. You can be a subscriber and get any new files published. There are a lot of Podcasts for English language learners. It’s a good idea to choose and follow one of them.  To improve and keep your English alive, you need Read more about Podcasts for learners[…]