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Can you write a story with 250 characters?

Have you ever tried to write a story in your mother tongue? Have you ever tried to write a story in English?


If you have never tried it, why don’t you start today since it is a wonderful way to improve your grammar and vocabulary?

In language learning, stories have a great importance as they offer you new language items in a meaningful context. The human brain processes new information by connecting with the old one. Reading and writing stories can easily boost this process.

I know you don’t have time to read books or long stories, but you want to learn English very quickly and start to use it immediately. So, you need some easy to understand and ready to use materials which must also be fun and beneficial.

With this post, I’d like to introduce a new mobile application which may not meet all of your needs, but it will have a great impact on your learning. Talehunt screenshot

It’s called TaleHunt.  If you want to read very short stories (max.250 characters), you should definitely download this app then.

A few favorite stories which were posted by TaleHunt users;

talehunt story ravenblacksharpshooter








You can also write your own short stories using TaleHunt. You have only 250 characters, so you are supposed to choose your words really smart and carefully. Start writing your stories, share them with the TaleHunt community or with your friends via twitter or facebook, and make your English visible!

download talehunt google play download talehunt app store

If you are still not sure about using it, maybe Stephen King could persuade you.

Stephen King quote short story

2 thoughts on “Can you write a story with 250 characters?

  • Talehunt is such a great concept. There are pretty decent writers on there. I downloaded it to give it a try, I got to admit I can’t write a story in 250 words. It’s tough, but it’s a great writing challenge for sure. What’s your username for the app?

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