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Breaking News Project

6a00d8341d417153ef01053580e392970cSean Banville! Have you ever heard this name? No! You should. I think he is one of the heroes who make learning and teaching English easier, more interesting, and fun.

He runs a website called Breaking News English. You can read interesting news from all around the world, you can do vocabulary, reading, writing exercises. It’s possible to read and listen to these stories in different levels. There are some online and downloadable exercises and lesson plans for teachers, too.

To create something like that, you must work hard and spend a lot of time. And you can become a hero when you do this without asking money from people. We applause people who try to find solutions to the problems related with hunger, poverty, or nature. What about learning and teaching a language? I think he deserves more than being applauded.

You should visit and share it with your friends. If you like, you can donate to keep it going.

By the way, I created some multimedia resources by using the content from his page. I tried to present them with a more visual way.

You can learn vocabularies, do exercise, listen and read the news.

See one of them online; The USA destroys 6,000 kg of ivory


One thought on “Breaking News Project

  • He is my hero too! I commend him for all that he does for us teachers out there! Very impressed and certainly inspired by his dedication in posting new lessons every week! Whether he knows it or not, his work has helped add value and service on my blog in almost every category! Thank you Sean!

    P.S. I just stumbled upon your site so will take a closer look at it and be sure to add you to ESL Made Easy in 2016!

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