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Australia Plus – Authentic Materials For Language Learners

 While studying a new language, using, authentic materials have an enormous impact on learning. But, what is Authentic Material?

Authentic materilals

Authentic Materials are language materials that were originally intended for native speakers, not second-language learners.

In other words, movies, TV series, newspapers, and magazines, etc.

So, most of us watch TV series, and some of us read news in English online.

That’s true, we do these but can’t get the most benefit from them since we don’t use them systematically and in small size.

There are many websites and apps which can offer you videos, listening and reading materials which are not simplified for learners and don’t make you get tired of checking your dictionary all the time. In this post, you will a very cool web page full of easy-to-use authentic materials.


Articles and lessons for anyone who wants to improve their English language skills.

Australia+ is a free web page where you can find video lessons and articles to improve your English language skills.

What can you do in Australia+?

  • Study Phrasal Verbs and print the study page to check it later quickly and easily from your drive.
  • Watch street interviews with real people. Don’t worry; all videos have subtitles and study notes below the videos. Here is one example;
  • Study some grammar. For example; Can or May? , Was or Were.
  • Learn common idioms.
  • Go to their Facebook page and use what you learn to talk with other people.

Finally, you can subscribe their YouTube channel and find more videos quickly.


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