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How do mobile apps help you to learn English better?

internet-application-vector_23-2147495404Years ago, I had a really hardworking student in one of my business classes. He was trying to finish every task assigned and  not to miss any lessons. He was in one of my beginner classes, but he knew a lot of words and tried hard to use them. He used to ask for more resources, so he could practice at home. More photocopies, more ebooks, more audio, more and more. Also, he was showing me his resources which he got from the internet or some other teachers. Then I realized that he was collecting all these resources and studying the same level again and again. He didn’t have a way to use them systematically.  Last month, I saw him again after two years and felt sad when I learned that he is still in pre-intermediate level. I got upset because when we studied for the last time, he was about to start the pre-intermediate level.

Most of us are like my old student; we collect so many materials that it makes us assume we have all information they offer. Like having libraries of books at your home, which you don’t read but like to keep.

Unfortunately, it is really difficult to reach targets without having an approach or a systematic way.

Today, it’s much easier to get all those resources and more. Mobile applications are one of the practical ways to improve your skills and keep your English up-to-date.

In this blog post, you will find some suggested apps to improve your English and some tips to use them efficiently.

  • Tip 1: Don’t Download Everything

Yes, it’s not a good idea to download every app you see. You shouldn’t let your mobile phone or tablet turn into apps graveyard. Before downloading, read reviews, watch promotional videos of them and then decide if they are going to be helpful or not.

  • Tip 2: Make a Plan and Set Targets

Don’t consider that you will learn easily and quickly by just downloading those apps. You need to use them regularly. So, make a plan, decide how much time you can spend on them every day. Try to stick to your plan.

  • Tip 3: Use a Reminder

We clearly study better when someone or something reminds our duties.There are also some apps for this. But you can simply use your mobile devices reminders, too. Don’t forget; we work better when we are nudged.

  • Tip 4: Prepare Checklists

When you download a new app, learn what you can do with that. Decide how often you can practice with it.  Then, define your targets, and try to stick to your plan.

  • Tip 5: Switch the Apps Time to Time

You can’t get better by just studying grammar or watching videos. You need to read or study vocabulary or listen and repeat the audio resources. Use different apps and resources without exaggerating the number of them.

  • Tip 6: Use the Old Learning Habit

Learning by listening or watching is a new way for most of us. We still feel better when we write new things down and review them time to time. So, use this way, it can be old but not useless at all. When you hear or see new words on those apps, write them down to your small notebooks. Keep checking them regularly.

  • Tip 7: Don’t Give Up

If you think that you can’t learn with that app, don’t give up learning, give up that application. There are hundreds of apps and websites and ways out there. Try them till you find your way.


practice english grammar

This app is for basic and advanced learners on iPhones, iPads, Android and Kindle Fire. You can find grammar quizzes, flashcards, learning games and grammar articles.


downloadThis app was created by DS&T Modern English Studio. They have apps for all levels for android and also iOS users. Some of them are free, but you have to buy some lessons in some of them.There are video lessons, practice sections, tests and you have a workbook tests after each lesson. Check their apps in Google Store and Appstore


imagesListen & Speak is an android app that uses an advanced learning technique where short language patterns are read, understood, and pronounced in sequence. The application then analyzes your pronunciation, telling you how well you have done.



uk_grammar_app_icon_rndcrn_144British Council offers a lot of learning materials on its web page and with its free apps, it can help you more.

Check this page to reach all their apps.


600 english grmmar tasks

This grammar test is a good way to improve your English grammar knowledge. Stunning minimalist design and clear user interface make it easy to test your English language skills.
This English Grammar Test app is perfect for the pre-intermediate level. Available for both platforms;


elevateActually, Elevate is not an app designed for language learners. It is a personal brain trainer which aims to improve your overall cognitive ability.It offers games which are classified according to four categories: reading, speaking, listening, and writing. It can be suitable for intermediate and above.  Available for both platforms;


voa wordbook

The Mobile Wordbook app is available free through the iTunes app store and Google play store  and has about 1,000 entries from the VOA Learning English wordbook.  It helps users build their vocabulary by hearing how words are pronounced and used, and seeing images that make the meaning clear.

Please share ‘your’ favorite apps below and tell us why you like them.

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