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Apps for Learners (III)

This is my third post for mobile apps. I think it’s really important to use at least one application for language learning. There are a lot of  free apps, these are my favorite ones.  Try them or search for your favorites. The thing is, we have to use them regularly. As you have already noticed, just downloading them cannot help you a lot.

supukiSupiki is a funny and really useful application. First, you watch a short animated video, then learn target idioms and daily usages. Finally you make a dialog with Supiki. A character asks you questions and Supiki records your answers. After then you can listen to your dialog, also you can compare yours with other users.      appstore

booktrackSome apps are so amazing that I get surprised when I see they are free. Booktrack is one of them. It allows students to read with a movie-style soundtrack or create their own soundtrack for their story. It’s sure that this app is not only for students or lessons. Anyone who likes reading will enjoy having this app. It is possible to find it on app store, Google play or use online.

ThinkIn the beginning, human beings communicated only using symbols.
Language complicated things. Suddenly, there were many words to describe the same idea.
Think attempts to slowly teach the player to think visually and uses these learnings to construct more complicated ideas further into the game. Can you take a look at a bunch of images and figure out what ideas we are trying to communicate?

PhrasalsteinLearning phrasal verbs can be difficult for most of us. I can’t guarantee that you will learn them easily with Phrasalstein, but you will definitely have fun while learning with it.


starmakerStarmaker is not a language learning application, it is for karaoke. But, who can deny that listening and singing songs in English help us a lot to improve our fluency, pronunciation and vocabulary?  If you like singing, Starmaker is a must for you.


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