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Practise your English with our enjoyable quiz games.

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Here you can find lots of printable game cards. You can download and print them free. If you like to play taboo card game, you will love these cards.

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Internet is full of amazing authentic resources for language learners. Here you will find mobile and web apps, authentic videos and reading resources and lots of ideas to improve your English.

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e-Learning Portfolio

Online games on this site are designed by Ridvan Saglam. If you want to have a look at his other works, don’t hold yourself back.


English In Life is run by Ridvan B. Saglam, an EFL Teacher and Instructional Designer
If there is a wish there is a way.

English In Life is a website for EFL and ESL learners where you can find online grammar activities, vocabulary games, and printable resources created by Ridvan Saglam. You will also find some other great resources, which I appreciate, like learning apps, interesting short films and authentic reading materials that can make your learning process more enjoyable and exciting. I have been teaching English in Turkey for ten years and creating games and other resources for learners since 2010 in a more professional way by the help of an amazing e-learning authoring tool; Articulate Storyline, and some other design programs. I believe that everybody can learn a language with the right way and hope my website can find someone to find their way. If you want to get in touch, scroll down the page and drop me a line via e-mail, or other social platforms.

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Online Actıvıties

Practice your English with these free online games.
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